Monday, November 14, 2005

Budget Savvy Magazine Review

The fall issue of Budget Savvy magazine is A+ excellent!

Here are my Top 5 Reasons for loving this magazine:

5. Frugal Duchess Editorial of the Week:

I often breeze through the Editor's Note featured in many other magazines. But Melissa Tosetti, editor/publisher of Budget Savvy, has a real knack for writing meaningful copy. Her ode to her mom and to thrift shops is heart-felt & even features valuable tidbits of advice about finding designer labels at Goodwill and other second-hand shops.

4.Frugal Duchess Helpful Home Design Award:

The feature "Furnishing Your Home Without Breaking the Bank," has solid, real-people/real-budget tips for putting together your home front. This excellent article by Susan Palmquist has a helpful list of websites offering either free or low-cost items for the home.

3. Frugal Duchess Fashion Award:

Ask the Budget Fashionista is a fun, funky and frugal overview of fashion. Written by Kathryn Finney, this Q&A feature entertains & educates.

2.Frugal Duchess Face Paint Award:

I loved this article: The Drugstore Diva. Writer Todra Paine packs a powerful punch for frugal beauty maintenance in this piece. She used to be a high-end makeup junkie at expensive department stores. Now she has downsized her makeup budget and finds quality products at the drugstore.

1. Frugal Duchess Time Management Award:

"More than Money," by Kevin Gibbons provides an insightful look into the conflicting pressures of time and money. The tug of war between those limited resources is expertly examined by Gibbons.

Also of note.... Don't miss: "How I Snuck into the Housing Market" by Kim Trowbridge. Helpful and hopeful.


Anonymous said...

How large (appx. how many pages) is the magazine?



Frugal Duchess: Sharon Harvey Rosenberg said...


Thanks for asking.

It's a slender magazine.
Only 32 pages and it $3.00
But except for the back cover house ad, it's all editorial copy.

I'll have to figure out the ad-to-article ratio and compare it to other magazines.

Great question. In my next weekly review, I will give that detail.


Pete Trowbridge said...

I agree with your comments on "Budget Savvy Magazine". It's really informative, and I particularly like the articles by Kim Trowbridge...they're always so practical and helpful.
Pete Trowbridge (Kim's Dad)

Sashi said...

The magazine is splendid. Even if you're not into penny pinching, it puts you in the mood to try.