Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Hey it's the frugal me!


Thanks for checking out my new blog.

So I'm the Frugal Duchess. I love to shop, but I love to save money. In short, I like to live well, but pay low. I even have my own column in the Miami Herald. It's call Making Ends Meet and it runs on Saturdays.

I have fun writing it. It's like being paid to shop and look for bargains.

My latest obsession is buying new skirts on eBay. For only $30 to $40, it's possible to purchase through eBay, new-with-tags (NWT) skirts that usually sell for $200 in many cool stores. Sellers are offering skirts from Anthropologie, Banana Republic, the Gap and other stores. So I'm having fun bidding on new skirts on eBay.

But it's not just about things. I care about the environment, ethics and plain old decency. I love public transportation.

And I care about education, especially for my kids. Being frugal is a way to pass on real family values. But that's enough for now.

Coming soon: How I saved $$$$ on hair conditioner (L'oreal) and taught my ten-year-old son a great lesson.

See you later. Thanks for checking out my blog

Shalom Y'all

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I stumbled upon your blog...good info.! Thanks for sharing!