Thursday, September 29, 2005

The Frugal Luxury Junkie

I am soo into luxuries. Five-star spas, gorgeous skirts and time with my family. Those are my ideas of high-end comforts. But perks have a price tag and in my calculating mind, frugal choices subsidize my expensive habits and meaningful choices.

Here's my math: A weekly French manicure with a tip for the specialist would cost me anywhere between $18 to $25 per visit. On an annual basis that equals $936 to $1,300 for a bit of polish. Hmmmm?

But with one of those french manicure kits from the drug store or beauty supply store, I can do my own manicure for about 50 cents a week or $26 a year and my nails look great. What's more, I don't have to obsess about washing dishes or opening car doors and ruining my nails. I can fix it myself. No pain, lot's of gain!

I'm saving $900 to $1,200 a year on nail salon visits. And that savings enables me to enjoy periodic guilt-free massages or high-end spa treatments ($250 and up) at resorts such as the Ritz-Carlton or the Sonesta on Key Biscayne. Or I can go to South Beach and get a really, really beautiful manicure and pedicure at Seven Sisters Salon for about $120. Every six months, or whenever. The results are fantastic, long-lasting and worth every penny.

But here's the caveat: My private luxury tax only works if the treats are periodic. Better yet, I can spread the wealth by using my $1,000-plus manicure savings to take my kids to Disneyworld and I can give some of the money to charity.

Bottom line: Live well; save high and share the wealth.

I'm having so much fun. Life is an adventure. Keep the Faith and thanks for checking in.

ps. If weekly manicures are really, really important to you, spend the money. I would if that was a high-priority perk for me. It's all about choices. Spend where it means the most and if weekly manicures/pedicures put you in the right space. Enjoy the moment and save somewhere else.


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Anonymous said...

try going to a inexpensive country and you will find luxury at 1/2 the cost!
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