Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Squeezing a lesson out of hair conditioner

My middle son loves L'Oreal Vive Smooth-Intense Conditioner. It's the stuff in the orange bottle. His curly/wavy hair responds well to that conditioner. (Does nada for my happy-nappy hair! I have other favorites, but that's another story.)

Normally, a 13 oz bottle of L'Oreal Vive costs $4.49 at Walgreens. Not a lot of money, but if I can save a bit, why not? So when we ran out of the L'Oreal, I encouraged my son to sample the other conditioners around the house. My goal: Wait until the next sale on the L'Oreal Vive. The sales are always in cycles. Time the cycles and you can save big!

Now mind you, if my son needed medicine, food, or any other basic necessity, I would have spared no expense. But hair conditioner?!? I'm sorry, we can wait for a good deal.

Well, our weeks of waiting paid off this week. L'Oreal Vive went on sale on Sunday at Walgreens: 2 bottles for $5. PLUS, we clipped two 75-cent-off manufacturer's coupons from the Sunday paper. (One coupon for each bottle.) Our total price: $1.75 a bottle vs. the regular price of $4.50 per bottle. I used the extra money to buy my son a treat.

So you see, it's not just the money. The real deal is my effort to teach my kids a valuable lesson about delayed gratification. It pays to wait.


Have a fun & frual day.


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