Friday, December 02, 2005

Cool, Thrifty Gift Baskets & Radio Chat

Frugal Duchess on the Radio

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My frugal buddy Melisa Neuman, another newspaper columnist, will also be on the show.

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Budget-Friendly Holiday Baskets

At prices of $50 and higher, many gift baskets are budget
busters. Fortunately, it's relatively easy to assemble gift baskets filled
with skin care products, high-end chocolates or holiday trinkets.

From drug stores to craft stores, the marketplace is filled with empty
containers and baskets at low prices. For example, this week through
December 3, the entire basket collection is half off at some locations of Michael's, a chain of craft stores. And beyond baskets, there are other containers. Empty potters stuffed with garden gloves, seed packets and related items can be bundled together as a holiday package for a gardener, according to the December issue of For Me magazine.

Or consider: a mixing bowl packed with fresh baked cookies, recipes and assorted kitchen tools and a large clear cosmetic bag stuffed with body creams, elaborate soaps and other day spa treats.

Discount retail chains such as Marshall's, Ross Stores and others regularly fill their clearance aisles with expensive personal care products at steep discounts.Other specialty stores also feature rotating sales of chocolates, wines, cheeses and other gourmet treats that are perfect for holiday baskets. Just add the cellophane and the bow.

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Uncle Foobar said...

One place that has baskets (and many basket goodies) are Trader Joes, if you have them in your area.


They are also over-stocked with goodies from trail mix in a jar to coookies and candies; most of the holiday additions are outside my budget range ($7+ for fancy stuff) but might make a good gift basket.


p.s. pick up the belgium waffle cookies if you want a treat