Thursday, January 19, 2006

Ask for Store Discounts!

Don't be shy about asking for lower prices when shopping for every day items and gadgets. Consider this: when shopping for cars, most consumers have a back-and-forth with the dealer over price.

Now apply that same logic to shopping sprees in major chains and smaller stores.


For example, today my husband purchased a portable DVD for one of our sons. (My son used a $50 gift card and other cash gifts to finance the purchase.) Unfortunately, his cash pool was short of the $149 sticker for the battery-operated, 7-inch DVD player.

Not to worry. Via cell phone, I told my husband to ask the store manager about future promotions for DVD players. We would just wait for the lower price.

"Hey, if the only thing holding you back is price, I can go lower," the store manager said.

He offered $119 and my husband accepted!

By the way, the manager explained that peers at his store and many others have authority to cut deals with inquiring consumers!

It pays to ask.


Sharp Lily said...

Wow, great tip, thanks!


Interesting Idea ! Wish some of our deep discounter's would do that if an adult is shopping..

Empty Spaces Inc. said...

which shop was that??

incidentally i did the same thing when buying my component music system at Good Guys. I bought a returned $800 amplifier along with $800 worth of speakers. brought down the amplifier price to $200. but it did take 2 weeks. maybe they just wanted to get rid of me!

also did the same thing when buying new homes from builders. I negotiate their selling price.