Thursday, February 02, 2006

New Reality Show about Money

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Personal Finance Reality TV Show Seeks America's "Broke Folk" Stories

NEW YORK, NY - "Broke folk," a new reality TV show from Hearst Entertainment (Modern Marvels) and Atchity Entertainment International (Joe Somebody, Life Or Something Like It) and featuring financial author and speaker Peter Bielagus (Getting Loaded Book Series, Mastering Your Personal Finances) is looking for people in their 30's who cannot make ends meet, no matter how hard they try.

The show is now conducting a nationwide search for unusual, extreme, and entertaining stories about real money messes from funny, outgoing and interesting people who are in over their heads in their financial life. And, the biggest turn around story may end up winning the cash resources to start saving Bielagus says interested distributors have wanted to hear more stories from contestants in their 30's.

Offering a financial makeover to contestants with stories unusual or dramatic enough to capture America's hearts, the show is now accepting email stories nationwide from people. In addition to appearing on the show, winners can receive financial coaching to help them solve their money problems.

"We want to hear the emotions and frustrations behind your situation," Bielagus said. "Maybe you are 34, earning $57,000 a year but have $23,000 of credit card debt. How did you get there?"

Bielagus says the show wants personal financial tales from people who range from a married couple ready to buy their first home, to a soldier just home from the war who had to put on life hold for 24 months, to someone who had to declare personal bankruptcy and is now struggling to get back on their feet.

"Maybe you and your spouse are ready to have kids, but are out of money. Perhaps you are so far in debt that you use credit cards to pay your credit card debts," said Bielagus. "We want to hear it - and we want to help."

Applicants are encouraged to send an email describing your situation and why you think you would be a good candidate for the show. "Remember," says Bielagus, "we want more than numbers, we want to hear your story: what are the emotions, frustrations and pressure that got you where you are?"

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