Sunday, March 30, 2008

Clothing Swap in NYC & Other News: Weekly Reading: My Favorite Links

My reading list includes details about a huge clothing swap in New York, reality checks and cheaper pharmaceuticals. Here are a few of the posts that caught my eye this week:

From The Budget Fashionista: Swap-O-Rama-Rama: Mark Your Calendars (I might go to New York just to check out this event, which includes workshops as well.)

From The Happy Rock: How Much House Can You Afford? (Hint: Ask another question.)

From Wise Bread: Extreme Thrift: Going Green on a Shoestring (Great eco-friendly tips that don't cost a bundle. My favorite: Use bar soap instead of the liquid stuff.)

From Get Rich Slowly: When the Going Gets Tough, Get Back to the Basics (Down-to-earth advice about saving money in a tough economy.)

From A Manhattan Girl's Outlook on Money and Finance: Stop the fantasy (An insightful reality check about cost of really living. Forget the television version of life in the city!)

From Single Ma's Fabulous Financials: Oh, the Irony (This post had me ROTFL)

From Mrs. Micah: Finance for a Freelance Life: The Amazing Powers of’s Prescription Card (This is a helpful piece about the cost of prescription drugs.)




Anonymous said...

hi Sharon-

In case you didn\\\'t get to NY, here\\\'s info on how to host your own clothing swap:

But, shouldn\\\'t the host make sure that all the invitees bring clothing of the same quality/value to make the swaps fair, whether they be clothes from saks & neiman\\\'s or clothes from macy\\\'s and the gap?

I always offer my clothes (usually bought on sale) to friends that have limited incomes who will appreciate them, make good custodians and take proper care of them. My only request when the items are no longer worn, is that they must offer them to someone else and not sell them. A Chanel suit can be passed around and worn for decades!

BTW, there are plenty of smart finds on ebay too! Ferragamo shoes for $20.00 or even less. Even the Ferragamo and Bally handbags can be very affordable.

And don\\\'t forget... remember your mother\\\'s Pucci housecoat that she wore in the \\\'60s and \\\'70s while entertaining at home during weekday afternoons with the other neighborhood mothers, watching the soaps on TV, drinking gin & tonics and smoking cigarettes before the kids came home from school? Well, that housecoat (now vintage) can sell for up to hundreds of dollars on ebay. Unfortunately, the maribou feather mules that she wore with it have very little resale value!

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