Sunday, August 30, 2009

What Airports, Hotels & Places Offer Free Wi-Fi?

I am trying to fly home to South Florida from Pittsburgh. My flight is delayed due to weather in Atlanta, where I have a connecting flight. But Pittsburgh International Airport has free Wi-Fi, which is making this long delay productive.

Free Wi-Fi is important, and if I have a choice between two airports in a region, I will book the cheapest flights in airports with free Wi-Fi. I am assembling a list: Which airports, hotels, cafes and stores have free Wi-Fi? Please leave a comment, with your travel experiences.

I will also make constant updates.

Pittsburgh International Airport (If you have to be stuck in an airport, this one is great!)
Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport

Hampton Inn
La Quinta
Inns & Suites

Malls & Stores
Shops of the Sunset (Coral Gables, Florida)
Whole Foods
Barnes & Nobles

Dunkin Donuts 41st Street on Miami Beach


Connor Jackson said...

I live in Pittsburgh, and am so happy they have free wifi. It is becoming harder and harder to find these days, especially in airports.

Connor P

rockchalk said...

mci (kansas city international airport)

frequenttrvlr said...

The Grand Beach Hotel in Miami Beach will also offer complimentary wireless in all public areas and guest-rooms

Anonymous said...

Las Vegas has free Wi-Fi. Denver, San Diego.

Myscha Theriault said...

A good one for road travel, at least on the eastern seaboard, is Panera Bread. There are usually signs on the highway to let you which exit to take, and they tend to be near larger plazas where you can pick up other things you may need before you hit the hotel or campground. The speed of their free wi-fi has also been consistently good, at least where I've used it.

Bucksome said...

Here's a website that lists airports with free wifi:

In terms of hotels you can add Baymont Inn and Suites to the list.

Iris Robin said...

Great post. It's always a pain showing up at the hotel, finding out you have to pay $20 a day for wi-fi.

Here is a neat directory I found that lists hotels with free wi-fi.

ben said...

most denny's restaurant around the SF bay area ( ,as well as panera bread ( and le boulanger (