Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Angelina Jolie's $26 Dress & My Best Cheap Fashion Tricks

Angelina Jolie recently wore a $26 dress to a Red Carpet event. Her shoes, however, cost over $1,000, according to press reports. Nevertheless, I give Jolie high marks for her frugal fashion choice and she picked a great dress.

Here are the details from

"Angelina Jolie stepped out with her man Brad for her "A Mighty Heart" premiere in a $26 vintage dress but dressed it up with a pair of $1000+ Christian Louboutin shoes. Jolie told Access Hollywood that she found the crushed velvet black frock at the vintage store Wasteland on Melrose Avenue in LA." source:

Her fashion choice sparked rave reviews. Here are a few samples:

Unlike Jolie I can't combine frugal fashion with expensive shoes, but here are:

My Best Five Cheap Fashion Tricks

1. Borrow clothes from a friend with a great closet or try the HMD (Hand me Down) store. Get give-aways from well-groomed, fashion friendly pals.

2. Find second-hand (thrift, consignment, vintage) stores in upscale neighborhoods. I know an older woman who loves to go the Goodwill and Red, White & Blue stores in wealthy areas. Her reasoning: Better Zoned Donations.

3. Shop off-season for classic garments. I found a well-made $129 skirt for $29 and a $99 outfit for $9 at Anthropologie during an end-of-season sale.

4. Make friends with the salesclerks. One store manager gave me her markdown schedule and once tracked down a past-season tweed skirt that a customer had returned. The skirt (still new) was unworn, but marked down to $6 because it was a year-old.

5. Stop stressing about the clothes and buy a great tube of lipstick, a cute hair ornament or unusual jewelry. I've even dressed up an old dress with a new hair cut or hair style.

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mapgirl said...

Vintage rocks! My mom recut an old $25 prom dress from a size ?? to a 2 for me when I was in high school. I looked GREAT! I wore it again my senior year when a bunch of us girls decided to go stag. (or is it 'doe'?)

I saw no reason to spend more money on a new dress, so I got a really large bouquet of flowers for myself. Instead of a limo, I drove us all to a really nice Thai restaurant for dinner another girl recommended and ordered everything I wanted to try. We had a great time! Everything combined was probably still less than $125.