Monday, October 24, 2005

Frugal Magazine Review: Nov. Issue of For Me

I'm an addictive reader and the November issue of For Me magazine gave me a lot to read. The magazine provided a pleasant distraction from our recent marathon of preparations for Hurricane Wilma.

So, here are my Top 5 reasons for loving For Me:

5. The cover price is only $1.45. Hey, that's cheaper than a latte or a bottle of nail polish.

4. I fell in love with the super feature about Do-It-Yourself home spa treatments (p.26). From the Light Cucumber Foot Mask to the recommendation of the Noxzema Continuous Clean Citrus Scrub ($3.99), that piece is a fun and informative read. Produced by Nicole Grippo, with photos by Peter Ardito, the feature provides a great list of products and recipes for creating a high-end spa in your own home.

3. Insightful Quote from Penelope Cruz on page 37: "I have to value every single thing. I have food every day on the table; I have a family, friends, health -- all thngs without which it wouldn't matter how many roles I get to play."

2. Amazing primer on Ebay University by Cari Wira, aka "the Budget Babe." p. 56

1. Helpful step-by-step Thanksgiving planner, with great recipes, frugal tips on wines, and thrifty table decorations. Very elegant, very cheap!

Oooh! I could write more about this great issue. But Wilma is beginning to rattle my glass sliding doors and I want to shut down the computer before the power goes off.


Have a fun and frugal day.

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