Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Java Woes & Small Change Savings

It was an innocent cup of coffee in a disposable cup. A nice jolt of cream, caffeine and sugar in my daily routine.

But that disposable cup of coffee really took a bite out of my disposable income. Consider the math:

Three Dollars a day, plus tip is roughly $20 a week, or $120 a month or $1,440 a year or $14,400 in ten years. And that's without the daily muffin for $2.50 (12.50/wk...$50/month...$600/year... $6,000/10 years)

Ouch! That small change of $5 to $6 a day for a coffee and a double chocolate chip muffin really took a big bite out of my life.

And that's fine! If I really, really enjoy my coffee and muffin. And if that morning kick-start of coffee and sugar really, really makes my day, FINE!!! Enjoy, the luxury.

But if I'm just mindlessly standing in line at the gourmet coffee shop and then just sipping coffee with half a taste bud while surfing the net, then I'm really wasting money.

Consider the frugal options: It only costs a few cents a day to make your own coffe and frankly, I would rather spend $1,500 to $2,000 on a great vacation, a new wardrobe or a series of spa treatments. And still have enought coffee money to give to charity.

Of course, you'll still catch me every now and then at the world's favorite coffee shop (wink) getting a tall latte light or something. But it's an occasional perk that I really, really enjoy and not a daily fix that drains my monetary veins.

So take care and have a frugal day.
Don't forget to live well and enjoy the Five-star treats of life!

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