Tuesday, October 23, 2007

How to Organize Your Desk Cheaply

It's frugal to be organized because disorganization can cost time and money. But complex (and often expensive) organizational systems don't really work for me. The maze of color-coded files, in-out boxes and other structures overwhelm my brain. But these desk-top fixes from Better Home and Garden's Storage magazine don't seem complicated or expensive.

Here are a few cheap fixes for the desk:

1) Buy a pre-fab shoe house. Those little cardboard or wooden cubbies made for holding shoes in your closet are great for segregating and organizing office supplies, desk appliances (small clock, stapler, etc) and other office tools.

2) Use a Lazy Susan. The spinning serving dish -- designed for the dining room table -- also provides a frugal and easy-to-use organizational system for your desk. Each rotating section is ideal for holding pens, markers, paperclips, rulers or other supplies. I plan to look for a wooden Lazy Susan at a thrift store and use that unit for paper clips, pens and other frequently used items.

3. Old lunch boxes: Flea markets are filled with old metal lunch boxes. Storage magazine recommends recycling and labeling old lunch boxes as storage space for supplies and office gadgets.


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