Tuesday, April 08, 2008

How to Haggle & Freeload: My Favorite Picks from 120th Festival of Frugality

Festival of Frugality #120 is up at A Penny Saved. Here are a few of the posts that caught my eye:

From Save and Conquer: How To Haggle and Pay a Lower Price. Read, print and take this list with you on shopping trips.

From Free Geekery: The Freeloader’s Toolbelt: 50 Tools to Help You Get Anything Free Online. This is a great resource list, featuring free stuff.

From Money Crashers: 31 Ways to Be Frugal And Save Money. This excellent list includes these suggestions: save money by replacing the windows on your home, washing your own car, and cutting your partner's hair, plus 28 other tips.

From Squawkfox: Top Five Frugalicious Lunches. Great pictures, wonderful menu. This blogger should consider catering or writing a cookbook.

Thanks to the host for arranging the festival.


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squawkfox said...

Thank you so much for the frugalicious foodie mention Duchess! I'm thrilled you found the article yummy and cookbook worthy!