Thursday, April 10, 2008

Welcome to CBS4 Viewers

Welcome to viewers and coupon clippers from CBS4 in Miami. Last night, I appeared on CBS4, a local television affiliate and a news partner of the Miami Herald. If you're new to this blog, feel free to read some of my other posts, which include an assortment of money-saving advice and links to other personal finance blogs.

Here's the link to the print version of the CBS4 story: The Websites That Can Help Save Cash, which contains a link to the video. (The news report follows a 15-second commercial.)

Special thanks to: 1) on-air news personality: Al Sunshine, 2) Mary Killeen, a talented field producer and 3) the great photojournalist who shot the video. (I will plug in his name ASAP). Thanks!




Nancy said...

I've been a subscriber to your blog for awhile and have enjoyed all your frugal tips. It was nice to actually see you on video. Now I have a face to go along with all the good advice. May you continue to do well in the world of print and video.
njones127 at tampabay dot rr dot com

Frugal Duchess said...

Hi Nancy:

Thanks so much for the kind words.
Your comment means a lot to me.
With appreciation,