Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Cut Costs & Calories: 5 Tips from LowerMyBills.com

Consider shoveling your own sidewalk or mowing the lawn. A do-it-yourself strategy is one of five money-saving, calorie-cutting tips from LowerMyBills.com:

"During the holidays we all have a tendency to go a little overboard. Each year, many of us spend too much money and gain too much weight.

Consider these tips to manage wallets and waistlines:

1. Resist restaurants. During the holidays we all want to treat ourselves to a nice meal. Consider the benefits of preparing that meal at home. In general, people spend more money when they eat out than when they cook for themselves. Additionally, cooking at home allows for greater control of dietary factors such as how much oil and sugar go into the food.

2. Get off the gas. When it’s time to run those seemingly endless holiday errands, consider choosing stores that are close enough to ride a bike or walk to. Both options are great ways to save gas money and get some exercise.

3. Start shoveling. Why pay someone to shovel the front walk? Strong, healthy adults can save some money, and get a great workout, by doing it themselves. Want to spread some holiday cheer? Volunteer to help neighbors by shoveling their walks. Live in a place with no snow? Giving the garden a year-end makeover by replacing plants and flowers with types that require less water is a great way to get some exercise, and reduce future water bills.

4. Lose the latte. The temptation to purchase fancy coffee drinks gets even stronger when shops offer delicious seasonal flavors. But those holiday lattes pack a punch, both in cost and calories. Not ready to give up designer coffee entirely? Consider trading in that latte for a nice hot cup of black coffee.

5. Look for low rates. Consumers may find that a lower monthly rate on their cell phone, insurance, or even their mortgage, could yield substantial monthly savings that could be put toward a gym membership. Sites like LowerMyBills.com can help consumers search across multiple service providers to find low rates on these and other monthly bills."
--source: LowerMyBills.com

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Anonymous said...

Most of those are great ideas, but I love going out to eat!