Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Catch Me on Twitter: NBA Post-Game Media Chatter

This is an off-topic post on sports with a frugal twist: Tonight I'll be on Twitter with an instant recap of the post-game news conference following the Boston Celtics -Orlando Magic basketball playoff game.

Here's the frugal news peg: After each playoff game, NBA.com offers a live, Internet-based feed of the post-game media conference. Last night, for instance, I listened and tweeted about the post-game comments from LeBron James, who chatted about the Cavs recent sweep of the Atlanta Hawks.

The coaches and the players offer a lot of insightful comments about life, work and competition. I've grown mentally taller by listening to LeBron James and his coach.

Additionally, the live post-game media conference is great for sports fans, reporters and news junkies who want an instant fix of sports news. The format provides Internet access to an unscripted question-and-answer session with coaches and top-performing players from both sides.

I plan to recap post-game comments live on Twitter after the game. Join me then or follow me later at twitter.com/FrugalDuchess.

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