Friday, May 15, 2009

Tomatoes & Celery Taught Me How To Save More Money

An assortment of organic vegetables taught me how to pay myself first. Thursday was payday, and I treated myself to a pint of organic cherry tomatoes, a small container of humus dip and celery -- all sale items. I added a handful of round crackers to the mix.

My lunch plate was inviting with the bright red tomatoes, the green stalks and the pale blond humus. But the bland white crackers caught my eye. I love carbs and I reached for a handful.

And like a public announcement for the food pyramid, my hand paused over the carbs. As a carb-loving woman, I knew that I was going to get my fix of wheat, sugar and salt. And then, after I was stuffed with crackers, I would eat the veggies with whatever appetite was left. And if I didn't finish off the veggies, I could save them for a snack.

I almost swallowed that carb-filled lie. But I knew -- for me -- carbs are like discretionary spending and veggies are like savings goals. And I knew that with a carb-driven rush of energy, I would speed through the afternoon without taking time for a late afternoon snack of organic veggies. So much for good intentions.

So I ate all of the veggies first, and then I dipped the crackers into the humus. After lunch, I went to the cash machine and checked my bank balance, which was flush from an after-payday, pre-bill paying rush of cash. I hit the transfer button and moved some money from checking into the savings account. That way, I paid myself first and saved my carbed-out binge for later or never.


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Anonymous said...

I enjoy your perspective on this. I love my carbs too!