Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Fixing the Ferret: Lessons From a Faulty Toy

My daughter fixed her ferret with a foot of fishing string. As such, our story about a defective toy has a happy ending. Our quick repair taught us valuable lessons. Here's what we have learned:

  • Hit the return button. Why didn't we return the broken toy, asked one reader after reading the original story: Cheated By a Ferret: One Child's Lesson. We have several reasons: 1) We lost the receipt; 2) we trashed the original packaging, and 3) most importantly, we were too annoyed to think of the obvious. Anger can be counter-productive. Anger can be expensive. The faulty ferret should have been returned for cash or store credit.

  • Be creative: My daughter found inspiration in a piece of clear fishing string, which resembled the original "invisible" string that made the ferret move. From her repair, I learned to think outside the tackling box and to constantly consider ways to find new uses for everyday materials that are around the home.

  • Repair, recycle, reuse: It's tempting to toss out worn, broken or outdated merchandise, including toys, clothing and shoes. We live in a disposable society, and we're often quick to contribute to landfills. My goal is to find new uses for old items, including an old teapot, worn out socks and old calendars.



Emily @ Under$1000PerMonth said...

Good points, especially about no waste. I recently fixed my son's favorite basket with a pipe cleaner so that it would not have to live in the landfill.

Save Money Hound said...

I like the motto of repair, recycle and reuse.

As a consequence not many things get thrown out in our household.

As well as saving money, I think it also challenges our creativity to find alternate uses for things.