Monday, April 03, 2006

Carnival of Debt Reduction Day 1

Welcome to the Carnival of Debt Reduction as hosted by the Frugal Duchess all this week!!! It's a great way to start April!

With thanks to the, I present the Carnival of Debt Reduction. Debt is an important subject and slicing down debt tops the agenda for many of us.

For the Carnival of Debt Reduction, I have some great submissions and I will be adding entries through the end of the day, Saturday, April 8, 2006. So, if you have any ideas about reducing debt, drop me a note ( or file a comment on this blog. I will continue to update the Carnival until 11:59 (EST) April 8.

Thanks to those who have submitted ideas, examples and technical advice! Thanks to everyone for stopping by the carnival.

By the way, next week's Carnival of Debt will be hosted by The Wandering Indian
The first carnival entry this week is from next week's host.

Carnival Entries:

Wandering Indian Monk
presents: How to ease the pain of high-interest credit card debt?
Summary: Strategies for dealing with eye-popping rates
presents: Which debt to reduce first
Comments: A couple has two debts they might want to tackle. Which is better?
Submitter: mbhunter

It's Just Money
presents Discover Card Cashback Program Review
Summary: Discover advertises its cashback program as #1 in the nation. What is that based on? Get the 411.
Submitter: LAMoneyGuy

The Common Room
presents:Financial Self-Discipline
Summary: Use self-discipline to accomplish your financial goals
Submitter: DeputyHeadmistress

Harrison Loke at Journey To Financial Freedom presents Pay Down Credit Card Debt based on APR or Minimum Payment

The Family CEO presents Going after the big stuff first: the mortgage posted at The Family CEO.


supermom said...

Hi! I read at another site that would would still be posting the debt reduction carnival entries throughout the week. I have a hard time trying to figure out who to send them to.
Here's my contribution:

I'm a mom of 7 (NO that wasn't a typing error LOL!)kids and I am using the internet to make money from home-to GET OUT OF DEBT!
*That's where my blog's title came from...


WIM said...

SuperMom, please be assured that your post will appear on the Carnival of Debt Reduction next Monday (Apr 10).

Stephen said...

I love the carnival of debt reduction. great place to learn about all sorts of debt reduction methods including debt settlement

Andy said...

Great articles, I'll have to contribute one my articles on the next carnival.

Nice to discover your blog as well.