Monday, April 24, 2006

Cheap NBA Playoff Tickets!!!! Heats vs Bulls!!!

I am so excited. We're going to the NBA playoffs tonight and I did not pay a fortune for my tickets.

My boys and I are going to watch the Miami Heat play the Chicago Bulls tonight. We purchased standing room tickets for $12 each. That's great. I love the Miami Heat

So here's the tip: most stadiums and arenas sell standing room tickets for really, really cheap prices. We even purchased our tickets the day of the game.

Let other people play eye-popping figures for playoff tickets. You can see great NBA playoff games for low prices. Just check out the SRO tickets.


And PERSONAL SPORTS VENT: What's up with the NBA Brass??!???? It's so wrong that Udonis Haslem has been suspended for a game. Enough Already!!! It was bad enough that he was ejected!!! A technical was okay.

I disagree with Joe Crawford and the NBA decision about Udonis Haslem.

But hey, I'm going to the game tonight!!!! I'll cheer lots!!! I am such a big fan of the Miami Heat.

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