Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Cheap Playoff tix Miami Heat!!!

Frugal Ticket Update

So....we had a great time at the Miami Heat game.{Shaq, D-Wade, J-Will, 'Toine Walker, Posey, the Glove and Co. played a great game) It was fun watching the Miami Heat-Chicago Bulls NBA playoff game from the upper level of America Airlines Arena.

We were in the standing room section at the cost of $12 per ticket. I felt a certain smug pleasure enjoying the stadium atmosphere, the hype and the action for such a low price.

There were great give-aways: free Heat rally rags and lots of other stuff. Radio Disney was there and my kids won a new Muppets DVD for my youngest child.

Of course, watching the game at home in front of the TV screen would have been the most frugal option. But for ardent Heat fans like us, getting inexpensive playoff tickets was a real thrill.

I believe in mindful spending. It's not a waste to (mindfully) spend money on the people, the activities and the things that really matter. And I really like watching the Miami Heat with my sons Tali and Gabi!!! GO Heat!!!

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