Friday, May 26, 2006

Botox vs Sunscreen: My Anti-Facelift Rant!!

Botox, facelifts, collagen, acupuncture treatments and expensive skin creams!!!!
Millions of dollars are spent annually on cosmetic procedures and expensive anti-aging treatments.

But for far less money ($5 and under), we can buy cheap but effective preventive facial/skin care. THINK SUNSCREEN.

On a personal level, I know the power of sunscreen. For the last few weeks, I've been out of my favorite anti-aging skin creams. I use inexpensive; but effective drugstore potions. I've been too busy to clip coupons and pick up more. But I've slapped on some sunscreen --important in Miami--and my skin has been looking great. Less is more, especially if you remember the sunscreen.

The latest crop of women's magazines -- Real Simple, First, For Me -- have written some interesting pieces about the frugal and effective power of sunscreen. On the low end, decent coverage can cost $5 (or less). Here's one cheapie that's gotten rave reviews:

Hawaiian Tropic Baby Faces & Tender Places SPF 50 $5 (rated best stick protection by Real Simple)

On the higher end: Lancome Soleil Ultra Expert Sun Care SPF 50 Sunscreen Face and Body Lotion $32.50....rated best cream by Real Simple.

Real Simple offers these sunscreen tips

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