Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Used Car, Cheap Playoff TKTS & Miami Heat

In some ways, we owe our family (used!) car to Game 2 of the NBA playoff between the Chicago Bulls and my beloved Miami Heat.

Here's the background: Our family car (a '94 Dodge Caravan) was smashed up in a recent car accident. Some driver ran a red, rammed into my husband and bam! Fortunately, my husband was fine, but the car was not. We were car-less in Miami.

Miami Heat Game: I refused to feel depressed about the loss of our car and decided to check out the cheap tickets for the Miami Heat Playoff game at American Airlines Arena.
The morning before Game 2 (Apr. 24), I purchased five standing room tickets for $12 each.

But we only needed three tickets because my second-grade daughter wanted to see Ice Age: The Meltdown instead. So she and my husband were off to the movies.

Extra Ticket Give-aways: So what to do with the two extra tickets. Scalp? Sell at face value? or Give away?

Bring-A-Friend along: I decided to let each of my boys ask a friend. BINGO!!! Both of our guests were delighted. It was the birthday of one our guests (we found out later) and the mother/father of the second guest shuttled us back and forth to the arena. Free shuttle service!

Car connection. What's more, the parents of our second guest (a fine young man also!) provided us with a tip on an affordable used car at a great price in excellent condition!!!

No-Longer-Carless in Miami: Wow! We picked up the van yesterday. Works great, looks fine. Our mechanic also blessed the car.

So morale of the story:

1) Buy cheap tickets to a Miami Heat game
2) Bring along friends
3) Share your car woes
4) Hope for the best
5) & Enjoy the game

And now, we're hoping to pull ahead of the series tonight. The refs have been terrible. There have been so many unfair calls against Shaq. Meanwhile, the Chicago Bulls have been playing with a lot of heart.

But my heart is with the Heat!!! Let's go Miami Heat. I'll be watching tonight and in fact I'm leaving now, hoping to buy more $12 playoff tickets.

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