Friday, May 19, 2006

Pet Supplies for Scruffy at the Dollar Store

We have a new dog named Scruffy. He is so cute. His adoption is a great story for another time.

But first, I want to write about our dollar store pet supplies. Of course, we could have spent a fortune on pet supplies and trinkets at an expensive boutique near our home, where dog shampoos and conditioners cost about $20 a bottle and doggy outfits cost over $100.

Hello?!? I don't spend $20 for a single bottle of conditioner for my pampered hair and I buy my clothes at steep discounts. (Best find: a $100 Ann Taylor Loft jacket for $15 at a summer sale last August.) I love Scruffy, but he doesn't need a $200 jacket and he can use the flea shampoo that my husband found for $1 at a really cool dollar store in South Beach. And the stuff even smells good. (Not for my hair. Oh no. But it's great for Scruffy.)

So here is a list of some of our dollar store purchases:

One Buck Bargains

1. Great nylon leashes (we purchased 2)
2. Really cute dog bowls (one for water, one for food)
3. A package of chew sticks (Other stores charge $6 to $7 for similar packages.)
4. Assorted chew toys...for $1 dollar each. (I've seen the same toys for about $10 each.)
5. Conditioning Pet Shampoo $1 for 16 fl. oz (Forget the high-end stuff for $20 a bottle)

Dollar Duds

1. Chain link leash. The dog hates this one. So we don't use it.
2. Rope/Ball-tug-of-war toy. This dollar store item was a dud. It was not well-made and my dog quickly ripped it apart. oh well....
3. Spiky rubberized teething circle. He ignores this toy.

We enjoyed the stuff that worked and our mistakes weren't costly.

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