Sunday, April 15, 2007

Frugal Duchess Travel Guide: My Collection of Discount Travel Websites

We'll be traveling to New York for a family wedding in early summer. I want fine comfort at fine prices. So I'm on a mission to find pocket-friendly, but luxurious travel arrangements. I also received a stack of Budget Travel magazines from a neighbor. Great info! And from that magazine, plus other sources, I've put together a list of online frugal travel services.

It's a work in progress. I will test out these different sites over the next month and will report on my success. Feel free to leave comments about your experience with any of these services. Your suggestions about other discount programs are also welcome.

Short-term apartment rentals:
Craig's List (New York chapter) also has a list of short-term vacation rentals in the New York area.

Other discount fare sites: Budget Travel highly recommends this summary website (an extensive search) of the best fares. BT also recommends tapping into the qixo engine to find out which airline has the lowest fare and then connecting directly to the carrier's website for even lower rates. I tried this strategy and it worked great for me. More details later.

Hotel coupons & other discounts:

Air rates and other specials: : Specials are posted on Tuesday and removed on Thursday Bidding begins at $1 for travel packages. Check out the auctions that are closing to get a deal at a low price. A friend of mine uses this site and has scored great packages at low rates.
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viriatha said...

I just finished writing some articles on travel and vacations this week.
Vacation Round Up

Enjoy and hope it helps you :)

t.reid said...

Hey... Try this site along with your other ones. It is the new york page to The site is large but easy to use and the content is good, rooms affordable and in great locations. - Law School and Lawyer Blog said...

Don't forget! Heard about these guys on "Big Idea" with Donny Deutsch.

Anonymous said...

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