Tuesday, January 29, 2008

($)1,000 Reasons for Guarding Your Cell Phone

My father asked me to write this post with 1,000 reasons why we should act promptly after noticing that a cell phone is missing and 1,000 reasons why we should all be careful with our cell phones in public places.

The Scenario: Over the past weekend, my Dad lost his cell phone in a South Beach restaurant. My folks -- who were in town to celebrate my son's Bar Mitzvah -- noticed that one of their cell phones was missing after 10 minutes.

The Action: Immediately, my Dad hit the spin control cycle. He tried to call the phone. But the "new owners" had already turned off the ringer and the calls were going straight to voice mail. My Dad immediately reported the phone missing and had the service terminated.

The Need for Speed Dialing: "The last time we lost a phone, we didn't miss it right away. And in a day and a half, the thieves charged up over $1,000 by calling overseas," my Dad says. Apparently, the number and the phone were quickly peddled to a variety of users. As such, my Dad's cell phone became a traveling pay phone for some dubious entrepreneur. That cell phone hustle gave my father 1,000 reasons for speed dialing when faced with a similar scenario. This time, my parents did not take any chances or waste time hoping that the phone would show up quickly.

The Bottom Line: If you misplace a cell phone in your home, you may have the luxury of playing Hide-and-Seek. In such a private and contained setting, perhaps only the dust mites will eat into your phone bill. But if your cell phone goes MIA in a public setting, take immediate action or else you'll face an expensive game of Tag-You're-It. Here's a great article about lost cell phones from PCWorld: If You Lose Your Cell Phone

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