Sunday, January 20, 2008

My Favorite Posts: Weekly Roundup

Once again, My Two Dollars has posted on a topic that hits me where I live: The rental market. Boston Gal's Open Wallet has an interesting post on rental prices. Here's my weekly roundup of articles that caught my eye.
From My Two Dollars: 10 Tips For First-Time Apartment Renters. My favorite tip from this post:
"3. Talk to the neighbors if you get a chance. If only I had done this at a few of the places that I lived, I never would have moved in. Between finding out about the guy that sings love songs to his old girlfriend at 3am to the chain smoker in the apartment next door, you can learn a lot just by being friendly with one of the neighbors. Ask them what they think of the place, how the landlord is, etc. - get a feel for your new home before you sign anything."
From Mighty Bargain Hunter: Discipline and personal finance: "Successful personal finance requires planning and regular, purposeful maintenance, and that takes discipline."

From Boston Gal's Open Wallet: Home Sellers' Pain Is Renters' Gain: "Savvy renters in struggling markets are playing landlords off each other."

From Chief Family Officer: February: Month of the All-Cash Spending Experiment:"So that's the purpose of this experiment: to see if going to an all-cash system curtails discretionary spending by 10% or more."

From Queercents: Pink & Green Parenting: Lost in the Plastic Rainforest: Greening Your Home: "I knew that having a baby would change my life in unforeseen ways, but there’s one aspect of modern parenting that I was totally unprepared for. Like Mr. Robinson in The Graduate, I have one word for you, potential parents: Plastics."

From Frugal Bachelor: Is the working class left out of bulk buying? "But I have to say I don't totally understand why the bigger package is cheaper per roll. "

From Punny Money: Bought a Diamond in the Last 14 Years? Get Tons of Money From Class Action Settlement: "De Beers, the company which essentially has a monopoly on the world’s supply of diamonds, is settling a massive lawsuit brought against it under allegations of monumental price fixing."



Amy said...

Excellent posts, Sharon! Thanks so much for the great reading material!

David said...

Thanks again for the mention Sharon!