Monday, September 22, 2008

My Favorite Picks from the Carnival of Personal Finance

How do you frugally budget for a few luxuries, and what types of insurance do you need? Those topics are covered in the 171 Edition of the Carnival of Personal Finance. Hosted by Sound Money Matters, the carnival is an excellent mix of financial, career and frugal news.

Thanks to the host for compiling a great carnival and for including my piece -- Bankruptcy and Gift Cards– Seeking Protection for Consumers -- in the lineup. Here are a few of the items that caught my eye:

From My Money Blog: Saving Money on Entertainment,
  • great date-night tips for married couples
  • frugal family fun
  • how to save on movies

From I’ve Paid Twice for This Already: I Want My Fun To Be Fun - So I Budget

  • make financial room for extra perks
  • how to plan for extra treats

From The Digerati Life reviews: in Get The Right Coverage! Insurance Policies You Need and Those To Avoid.

  • insurance 101
  • coverage for renters and homeowners

From Gather Little by Little: How to Sell a Used Car.

  • prepping your car for sale
  • researching price
  • how to market your used car


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Moneymonk said...

Good list

pamela said...

The way I have gotten thru years of economizing is to splurge (according to my budget) on those extras - like entertainment and wardrobe, etc. - but all on a bargain basis! Check out my frugal frivolities at for Pam's Pennypinching with Style Now that things are tight - I revel in freebies and free magazines, and so on.

The Digerati Life said...

Thanks Sharon! I appreciate the mention! :)