Friday, September 19, 2008

Annual Paychecks of $70K: 15 Ideas has a thoughtful list of 15 jobs that pay about $70,000 a year. These positions pay well and also should be in stable-to-high demand through 2016. It's worth taking a list at the trends:

What many workers don't know is that there are numerous jobs that pay well above the average full-time worker's salary of $33,634* -- that don't require a Ph.D. or at least 10 years experience. That's not to say that the following positions are easy to come by -- like any position, no matter what the salary, you do have some qualifications to score the job.

The list includes positions in post-secondary education, engineering and healthcare, including: Radiation therapist and Physician assistant. Here's the full article about high-paying jobs.

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Daizy said...

I thought about being a Physician's Assistant once. I became a nurse's aide just to see if I would like the environment. I hated it and I'm lucky I did not cause anyone's least directly. People told me that being a Physician's Assistant was nothing like being a nurse's aide but the damage was done. I will never work in health care again!

$70k does sound tempting...maybe veterinarian, but I have heard those school are harder to get in to than med. school because there are so few of them.