Monday, March 02, 2009

Welcome Frugal Focus Readers!

The Frugal Focus – a frugal news aggregate service – makes its debut today. I am honored to join this group, which bring together frugal news and posts from bloggers and other sources.

Located at, the site features different categories such as Budgeting, Grocery Coupons, Beauty, Books and Music.

Participating bloggers include:
Bargain Babe
Bargain Briana
Finally Frugal
Frugal Green Girl
Frugal Plus
Not Made Of Money
The Frugal Duchess
The Frugal Girl

Snippets from different blogs are featured every day. For instance, here is a post about menu planning from The Frugal Girl:
Grocery Spending and Menu Plan-2.28
This is the last week of February, which means that the Grocery Challenge I’ve been participating in is up after this week. Last week, I was $1 over budget, so as long as I kept my grocery spending to $79 or less this week, I was all set to make my goal of spending $320 or less for the month of February.
I actually shopped at three stores this week, because a local grocery store was having a very good sale on chicken breasts. I got 7 pounds of chicken breasts for $1.35/pound, which is a delightful price." -- The Frugal Girl

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