Thursday, April 02, 2009

H&R Block Offers Free Second Opinions of Tax Returns

I'm curious if anyone plans or has used this free second-opinion tax review offer from H&R Block. Here's the item:

"Common errors translate into millions of dollars that are due to taxpayers. In fact, H&R Block found $1.8 million nationally on Friday (March 27th) alone. The hunt continues this weekend as H&R Block offers free professional, second opinions on completed tax returns. This community service event is free and open to the public at participating H&R Block locations on April 3, 4, and 5.

For a limited time, H&R Block tax professionals will provide free reviews for missed tax deductions on returns that were self-prepared or completed by other tax professionals.

Taxpayers can bring in their 2008 and their previous three years’ returns and a tax professional will evaluate the accuracy of the returns, ensuring all eligible credits and deductions have been claimed. If an error is found on a return, the client will be eligible to re-file. If no errors are found, H&R Block will certify the return with the H&R Block Guarantee.*

“With the economy in a downturn, unemployment rates in an upturn and audits at a 10-year high, we want to help people in our community,” said Patti Griswold, H&R Block district manager. “People are surprised to learn that we find errors in 4 out of 5 tax returns we review. We want to make sure our clients’ returns are accurate and that they’ve claimed all eligible credits and deductions because we understand that every dollar counts.”

* The H&R Block Guarantee is included with every tax return. If you owe penalties or interest charges due to an H&R Block error, H&R Block will pay those penalties and interest on federal, state and local returns. If the IRS audits you, an H&R Block representative will assist you in answering questions regarding the preparation of your return (H&R Block provides tax advice only and not legal services)."


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