Thursday, April 23, 2009

How to Earn Extra Money: Tips From Kiplinger's

"If you’ve lost your job, taken a pay cut or are just looking for ways to boost your income, Kiplinger’s Personal Finance offers this guest post with tips for generating extra cash.

Tutor Students Some parents are willing to pay big bucks to see Junior and Janie succeed. So if you speak a second language, such as Spanish or French, or have great math, science or writing skills, you might be able to earn extra cash imparting your knowledge to kids – even college students for $20-30 an hour. Check with local schools and universities to see if you can advertise your services on their bulletin boards. Or post your services on Craigslist.

Join A Street Sales Team This is a relatively easy way for young adults who are outgoing and articulate to earn some fast cash. Street teams promote products, films, albums, events and more by handing out samples, interacting with people on the street, or dressing as mascots. To get a job at $17 to $25 an hour, sign up with a company such as Street Team or A.D.D. Marketing. Actually, if you sign up with several companies, you’re more likely to get a steady flow of jobs, says James Aquafredda, managing director of Street Team Make sure, though, that the company has a contract that specifies when you’ll get paid.

Walk Dogs Why not get a little exercise while you earn up to $15-30 an hour? Working folks will pay plenty for you to take Rover or Scruffy on a daily stroll while they’re at the office or on site. If you don’t want to brave the elements, you might consider pet sitting for people while they’re on vacation. Advertise your services in veterinarians’ offices and on Craigslist.

Write For The Web Sorry, isn’t hiring. But plenty of Web sites are looking for freelancers to write blogs, commentary, and reviews. For example, if you know a lot about a particular subject or region, you might be able to be a “guide” and write articles for ( ). In all major U.S. cities, Craigslist has ads for writing gigs. Demand Studios ( offers freelance work for writers, copy editors and filmmakers. The going rate: $15-30 an hour.

Sell Your Hobbies Amateur photographers are in demand to shoot weddings and events, especially in this recession when people can’t afford the high-priced pros. If you’re a great cook, you could hold a workshop or prepare meals for a busy family. The tech-savvy can teach a series of classes on Web design. See what your services might fetch on Craigslist (for free) or in your local paper or community Web site to get going rates, then hang out a virtual shingle.

Sell Your Unwanted Gold Jewelry. Although the price has dropped a bit since the beginning of 2009, this going rate for this precious commodity is still $860 an ounce—a pretty penny for jewelry you no longer wear or that is nothing but a faded memory of a best-forgotten suitor. Gold-buying shops are popping up at malls across America.

Operate A Call Center From Your Home You might consider a job (for up to $14 an hour) with a virtual call center, such as Willow CSN (, West Corp. ( or Alpine Access ( As an independent contractor (or an actual employee with benefits in some cases) for one of these virtual call centers, you will provide customer support for companies such as Office Depot, Sears, J.Crew and even the Internal Revenue Service. In most cases, you must provide your own computer, designated telephone line and high-speed Internet connection --and, in some cases, pay for your training to become a certified agent. But if you have the time, they need “operators standing by.” --Kiplinger's

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