Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Beyond Spitballs & Soda: Unusual Uses for Straws

From storing necklaces & nuts to providing garden support, straws aren't just for sipping. Here are a variety of uses for straws as compiled by Maya Jaffe, Frugal Duchess intern.

Keep Jewelry Untangled- The oblong shape of a straw is perfect for storing a necklace or bracelet. Just string the necklace or links through the straw to prevent tangles. This idea was once proposed to me, and I use it today, making all my jewelry easily accessible when needed.

Garden Stem Cell Support- This website provides helpful details about using straws to support the drooping plants in your garden and in your house. Use green transparent straws, a box knife, and a ruler. Cut the straw down one side and fit the divided tube around a stem that needs extra support. This support system won't spoil the look of your garden (if you use green straws) or block the sun. What's more, plastic straws are waterproof.

Artist Paintbrush Drying Racks- Straws provide a convenient way to store and dry (clean) paintbrushes. Here's the link.

Associated Content also lists five helpful tips for blowing more than air out of straws:

1) Homemade Single Serving Drink Packs-

2) Homemade Bubble Blowers

3) Remove Air From Plastic Freezer Bags-

4) Kids' Jewelry and Trinket Craft Materials- Cut into different shapes, straws are like flexible beads and can be used for a wide range of craft projects.

5) Hardware storage: It's like stringing beads: nuts, bolts and washers can be strung on a straw for easy storage. Secure both ends of the straw and you won't have to worry about random nuts and bolts in your toolbox.

--written and researched by Maya Jaffe, Frugal Duchess Intern
--edited by shr

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