Tuesday, June 19, 2007

How to Fix DVDs with Toothpaste & Other Odd Tips

Can you really fix a DVD or repair a wall with toothpaste? Apparently, toothpaste does far more than clean teeth.

It can also polish and clean items around the house as well! Consider this list:

  • Scratches on DVDs and CDs and glass can instantly be removed via polishing with toothpaste due to its mild abrasive power. Our tester-- Maya Jaffe-- personally tested the power of toothpaste on a scratched movie scene from The Notebook. The DVD returned to its tissue-grabbing self after applying toothpaste in circular motions, Maya reports.
  • Piano Key Repair: Scratches too can be removed from delicate, hard-to-manage ivory piano keys, according to this article from Associated Content.
  • Wall Repair. Toothpaste, as legend has it, can also clean crayon off painted walls, and once the walls are clean, we can also fill holes in the wall with toothpaste, using it as temporary caulking to seal cracks and spaces- just make sure to paint over as to prevent ants.
  • Laundry Fix: Toothpaste can clean our clothing as well! Stubborn Kool-Aid, lipstick, and ink stains can be removed by applying toothpaste to the offending spots. You can also remove scuff marks from shoes with a bit of dental paste. Here's how: apply a bit of toothpaste to the shoe with a damp cloth. Source: Associated Content
  • Polish Gems and Metal RD.com and www.geocities.com/remedypage/20uses/ describe how toothpaste can be used as a makeshift polisher for silver, jewelry, the sink, and other kitchen appliances.
  • Zit Medicine.Lastly, there is the infamous toothpaste tip. It’s the night before the prom and a huge zit is on your chin. Before you panic, apply some non-gel toothpaste, which will dehydrate the pimple and absorb the oil. However, if one has sensitive skin, I wouldn’t recommend this. Personal note from the editor: This tip works, but I (Sharon) only recommend it during the day. The toothpaste worked on my pimple, but attracted an ant or two while I slept. Horrible.

Editor's Note: This report--with my edits-- was prepared by the new Frugal Duchess Intern Maya Jaffe, a talented journalism student. Welcome Maya!



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