Thursday, June 14, 2007

What is Evaporated Cane Juice? Verbal Inflation

Trying to be good consumers, my husband and I often read labels. Yesterday, we stumbled on this ingredient: "organic evaporated cane juice??" What is that?

The answer: Organic evaporated cane juice is just another word for "sugar." Phrases like that make it difficult to shop and harder to get the most for our money. The evaporated cane juice double-speak example prompted me to put together a list of shady terms:

1. "pre-owned" = used merchandise
2. "vintage" = used designer stuff at big-ticket prices
3. "seasoned" = very used, possibly worn out
4. "resigned for personal reasons" = fired
5. "down-sizing/ right-sizing" = lots of layoffs
6. "negative cash flow" = I'm broke
7 "cash short fall" = I'm broke
8. "upper respiratory infection" = a head cold
9. "no interest for 12 months" = you'll pay double later
10. "Light-Juice" = regular juice diluted with water. Less juice per dollar featured these "Examples of Inflated Language"

negative patient care outcome = the patient died
mental activity at the margins = insanity
reutilization marketing yard= junkyard



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Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but you're wrong about evaporated cane juice. ECJ is a much more natural form of sweetener, and a healthier alternative to refined white sugar. It is also called "unrefined sugar" and retains many of the nutrients that refined sugar is lacking in. For more information you may want to view this url:
You'll see there is a distinct difference and thus this is NOT "Verbal Inflation". Thanks!

Ted Johnson said...

Thanks for your original post, Duchess. I've been studying evaporated cane juice because it's showing up in a lot of products in the health food store & it sure sounds like sugar to me.

I'm sensitive to sugar, as well as white flour and other highly-processed foods. So I read the labels & i'm "mad as hell" about this particular deception.

Two things stand out in the world of sweeteners:

There are lots of web sites that are obviously paid for by marketers but not identified as such. Who else would push this fiction on the public?

The supression of stevia by the FDA as an accceptable sweetener in foods is criminal. between the sugar industry and the artificial sweetener industry, there's little space left for the truth to reach the public.

Sugar is sugar is sugar and for many people it's unhealthy & leads to weight gain & mood swings. Here's a good site to visit:

Anonymous said...

Everyone is driving me crazy over this debate about sugar and evaporated cane juice. One women's comment couldn't have said it any better than this, " if you press a orange, you get orange juice and if you press sugar cane, you get sugar cane juice." How simple is that...?