Tuesday, July 03, 2007

After 4th of July Picnics: Odd Uses for Paper Plates

With the yearly celebration of the Fourth of July, barbecues are fired up across America, and that American cuisine is typically served on lots of paper plates. However, after the food and the fireworks, many of us are stuck with a stack of paper plates! From Woman's World magazine, intern Maya Jaffe has pulled together a list of unusual uses for paper plates. Other links--including a tip about making index cards from plates -- are below.

Microwave food shields: To limit the amount of food that gets splattered when using a microwave oven, place a paper plate, on top of the food while heating up a meal or snack.

China Security- When stacking, packing or storing fragile China, place paper plates in between the dishes in order to guard the fine porcelain.

Garbage Liner- Place paper plates at the bottom of a trash can. Cut and shape the plate to fit the bin.

Paint Ring Prevention- Place a paper plate under a paint can to save the surface it’s placed on from a paint ring.

Disposable Cutting Board- Eliminate messy cutting boards by using a paper plate. This step works very well if you are in a hurry and the cutting board is dirty. By using a paper plate, you can cut an entire salad and when you're done, so is the plate. I use this tip all the time when preparing for a family gathering or entertaining.

--written by Frugal Duchess Intern Maya Jaffe
source: Woman's World 7/03/2007 issue

Odd uses for paper pates from Living a Better Life: 51 Money-Saving Uses for Ordinary Kitchen Items

"1. Place two plates together, edge to edge, fill with beans or rice, staple the edges together, let children paint and decorate for a fun musical toy.

2. Use as a cover for food to keep warm.

3. Place ½ of a plate on top of a full sized plate,
edge to edge, staple edges to create a letter holder. Great for kid's

Paper plates are also good for Make-it-Yourself index cards, according to RDLiving.com, (the online version of Readers Digest) which offers these tips for alternative uses of paper plates.


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