Friday, July 27, 2007

Links I Liked: My Favorite Posts for the Week

The importance of disability insurance, smart driving and meal planning are a few of the topics that caught my eye this week:

From The Simple Dollar:
Five Really Easy Recipes To Make Once-A-Month Cooking Work For Busy People

I have a friend who operates her kitchen with marathon cook, freeze and marathon session. I've been tempted to give that strategy a try.

From Money Ning:
Waste Miles Per Gallon of Gas

I don't drive. I want to drive and I plan to learn and when I do learn to drive, I will make use of this strategy.

From Generation X Finance
Protect Your Most Important Asset With Disability Insurance

From Wise Bread
Going Freelance: The Top 10 Tips

From AllFinancialMatters
Is It Silly to Buy More Stuff Just to Get Free Shipping?


The Frugal Duchess Booktique
The Frugal Duchess of Beauty Store

Book Shop of Fear
The Poetry & Drama Queen
Frugal Jazz & Blues
Frugal Comic Book Connection

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