Friday, July 06, 2007

Frugal Fun in New York

During the 10 years that I lived in New York City, I developed a repertoire of no-cost and low-cost fun activities. Here's a list of my cheap, but fun things to do in NYC.

· Staten Island Ferry: When I lived in Manhattan, the Staten Island Ferry was 25 cents for a great ride. (The private cruises are lots more). Now the ferry is free and you catch a glimpse of the Statue of Liberty during the ride. Here is a link to the ferry.

· Street Performers: Central Park, Washington Square Park and Union Square Park: On the streets of New York, I have seen extreme skaters, dancers, musicians, singers and little girls jumping Double Dutch at heart-breaking, breath-taking speed.

· Free Spectator Basketball games: Okay. The Spurs vs. Cavaliers NBA championship final was not exciting basketball, but in New York there are some awesome pickup games that are great to watch. Here's my favorite spot: Fourth Street B-ball Courts in the West Village.

· Free summer concerts:

· Shakespeare in the Park: There's a great lineup for this summer. Awesome casts & free tickets.

· Improv Jazz sessions at Dan Lynch Blues Bar in the East Village: In between weekend gigs, many professional musicals in Manhattan show up for free jazz jam sessions on Sunday afternoons. Some of my happiest afternoons have been spent listening to star-struck music at Dan Lynch.

· Cappuccino at CaffĂ© Reggio in the Greenwich Village: With a cup of coffee, you can sit for hours at this cafĂ© and people watch in the Village. This place has been around since 1927. You'll forget that Starbucks ever existed.

· Halloween Village Parade

· Moses Beach/Jones Beach

· Coney Island Boardwalk

· Museums (Brooklyn Museum, Museum of Modern Art, Metropolitan Museum of Art, etc and art galleries, especially in SoHo.)

· Discount show tickets (Broadway and off-Broadway) from the Theatre Development Fund


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