Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Unusual Uses for Baby Wipes: Shoes, Screens & Faces

Is it really possible to clean a computer screen with a baby wipe? That's one of the tips provided by a reader of Real Simple magazine. I have not tried that trick, but I have used baby wipes for other cleanup duties:

I've swiped floor, counter tops and faces (to remove make-up and grime) with baby wipes. In fact, some stylists on South Beach modeling shoots have used baby wipes to clean up cosmetics and clothing.

And when traveling -- cars, trains and planes -- wipes are great for quick and emergency cleanups when water and soap are not available. Likewise, during hurricane season when we have lost access to running water, wipes have been great for hands and faces.

Here's a list from Woman's World:

Shoeshine: A swipe with a baby wipe will "clean and shine" a leather shoe.

Make-up remover: A cleanser and a moisturizer all-in-one. (Works great for me).

Sunburn relief: Pat down burnt skin with a baby wipe. ( I would use those with aloe, a plant that is great for burns)

Laundry help: Use a wipe to blot away deodorant marks on a garment.

Banish crayon marks: Wipes are great for removing crayons (and scuff marks) from laminate surfaces, tiles and walls. (I've had success with this tip.)

Screen saver: Like the reader from Real Simple, Woman's World also claims that baby wipes are great for cleaning dust from "TVs, stereos and computers."
source: July 17, 2007 issue.

Meanwhile, the folks at RDLiving.com -- the online version of Reader's Digest -- believe that wipes are great for cleaning computer keyboards:

"Clean your PC keyboard

Periodically shaking out your PC's keyboard is a good way to get rid of the dust and debris that gathers underneath and in between the keys. But that's just half the job.

Use a baby wipe to remove the dirt, dried spills, and unspecified gunk that builds up on the keys themselves. Make sure to turn off the computer or unplug the keyboard before you wipe the keys.

--Extraordinary Uses for Wipes

The rest of the list provides other interesting applications. My favorite: dried out, but fairly clean wipes can be used as furniture dust cloths.

Thriftyfun.com also has a great thread with comments about unusual uses for baby wipes.


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Misti said...

Baby wipes sure are expensive to use as screen cleaners and some of the other uses mentioned when you can use a tissue for much less.