Friday, May 16, 2008

Free Coffee Giveaways & Other Great Freebies

Last night, this sign caught my eye: "Free iced coffee every Thursday." Every Thursday from May 22 through June 12, Dunkin' Donuts offers the iced giveaway in different flavors: french vanilla, hazelnut, coconut, toasted almond and other flavors.

Each franchise owner has the option to participate, and my local DD, which is also Kosher, opted to start giving away the free coffees last night. I had hazelnut coffee--with lots of cream and sugar--on the rocks. No charge.

Starbucks also has a weekly coffee giveaway that takes place on Wednesdays during May. We received special cards for this offer. Here are details in this blog post: Free Starbucks Coffee!

Meanwhile, the current issue of Woman's Day has an excellent list of freebies or almost free stuff. The offers are not scams and the author (Mary Hunt) sampled or researched the list.

Here are two of my favorite free offers from her list:

"Business cards

VistaPrint is an online printing company known for its amazing offer of 250 free business cards. They're good-quality, too. Visit, create your card and all you have to pay is about five bucks for shipping.
Why's it free? VistaPrint would like you to join their 12 million customers who buy printing online, so they offer this enticement. Just know that once you get your business cards, you may hear from them a lot.

Expert computer help

If you've ever had a computer problem and wanted to pull out your hair in frustration, this is for you. Need to solve a hardware glitch? Want to learn how to use HTML? Submit your question at and you'll get a pretty prompt answer e-mailed to you from a volunteer expert.
Why's it free? It's no secret that many computer manufacturers provide mediocre support for their own products and charge good money for it. The folks at Protonic are tired of this sort of treatment, and believe it or not, their service is free because they enjoy helping people."



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