Sunday, May 18, 2008

Thank You to Frugal for Life and MSN Smart Money

Dawn at Frugal For Life provided column space to me as a guest writer. My post -- An Open Letter to Consumer Products Companies -- was recently featured by Karen Datko at MSN Smart Spending: "She's ticked and she's not buying it anymore." Thanks to Dawn and Karen for providing the links and the space. I encourage my regular readers to check out the tips and information offered by Dawn and Karen.

If you are visiting my blog from either of those sites: Welcome and please look around at some of my other posts. Thanks!



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Gretchen said...

This is great--and scary! I followed the links to your column on FRUGAL FOR LIFE (thanks!) and then to THINK FOR THE PINK. And here I thought I was buying safe cosmetics, because I carefully looked for cruelty-free, "organic" products....well, fool me once. Thanks for the insight, and to sending me to two new sites.