Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Prom Dress for $10 & a $370 Dress for My Book Party? Nah!

I've been agonizing over the right dress -- frugal & fashionable-- for my upcoming book launch party. (June 12th at Books & Books in South Beach.) I almost (gasp!) broke down and purchased a $130 dress (the Belted Bubble Dress) from the Armani Exchange. One problem: I would need to buy two versions of the same dress in order to make one dress that is modest enough for my lifestyle.

Going to a seamstress to create sleeves and a new, longer hemline would cost another $100+. Bottom Line: I would spend nearly $400 for a dress for my South Beach party.

Thank Goodness, Marshalls rescued me: I found a $20 dress that is so cute and will require only a minimum amount of adjustments. (I purchased a second dress for $20, just in case I need the extra fabric.)

Goodwill, the Salvation Army and other thrift stores are also a source of affordable fashion. Check out this release from the Goodwill in my area. The same logic applies to other areas of the country. Here's the release:


"The housing crunch, rising gas prices and lack of consumer confidence in the economy are causing more families to drastically cut back and curtail their spending. According the Salvation Army, all six Salvation Army Family Stores in Broward County and the four in Miami Dade are seeing an increase in customers who want name brand labels at a low cost for their growing families.

"Everyone's a winner and everyone gets a deal when it comes to shopping for bargains at the Salvation Army Family Super Stores," said Melissa Zegans, Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center Stores Supervisor.

Many of the items are either new or gently used but in excellent condition. 100% of the proceeds from sales at the Salvation Army Family Super Store go directly to the operation of The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Centers.


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Jenaee Johnson said...

Great post, I shopped around the net and bought my dress for $49. My other choices were ebay and craiglist.