Monday, June 30, 2008

Saving 10 Cents at the Grocery Store

It wasn't a big deal and I'm not going to get rich by saving dimes or brown bags. But I save at least 10 cents with every trip to an area grocery store (Whole Foods Market) that provides instant rebates when you recycle grocery bags.

Here's the deal: When you bring in your own shopping bags, you'll receive a 10-cent rebate for each bag that is used to package your groceries.
This BYOB policy applies to any bag, including the store's own brown paper bags or reusable cloth sacks. For my shopping trips, I have a rotating supply of brown paper bags and on a typical shopping trip, I earn rebates of 10 to 30 cents.

Those small amounts have made a big difference on two occasions, when my grocery bill was pennies above the cash in my hand. In the long run, every little bit counts, especially when it comes to the environment and my pocketbook.


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squawkfox said...

I've been grocery shopping with plastic bins these days (about the size of a clothing hamper). The bins are awesome for these reasons:

* Easy and quick to pack in the store.
* Keeps food upright in car.
* Reusable.
* Easy to cart around in a grocery cart.
* Saves on bags.
* Better for the environment.

SavingDiva said...

I've bought a few resuable bags....ten shopping trips and they're paid for! :)