Sunday, July 06, 2008

ADD & Money Management: Weekly Roundup of Favorite Posts

Attention Deficit Disorder, ADD, can have different effects on our lives and money. Due to fatigue, multitasking, overwork, hormones or other biological causes, many of us have varying degrees of ADD.

What's the impact of ADD on our finances? This post explores that issue: From Adult ADD And Money: Six Overlooked Reasons why you are struggling with your finances: Reason #6 - System Failure

Here are other posts that caught my disordered attention this week:

From The Simple Dollar: Seven Websites That Saved Me Money in the Last Week

From MoneyChangesThings: Meat as a Treat, not an Entitlement

From The Digerati Life: Lose Weight While Spending Less on Food and Exercise

From My Two Dollars Rice is Nice..And Cheap!


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John MacKenzie said...


Thank You for including my post on your list of favorites for the week.