Sunday, July 27, 2008

Save $5 Bills & Other Favorite Links

Can you really save $12,000 by collecting $5 bills? One blogger successfully saved money with that strategy. That post and a few others caught my eye over the last week:

From Free Money Finance: Unusual Saving Method Nets $12k
(tip: save $5 bills!)

From Frugal Freedom: Stop Fighting Mother Nature-Go Native
(tip: save water, save money by purchasing native plants.)

From Wise Bread: Should your standard of living rise?
(main pt: the link between money & happiness.)

From Adult ADD And Money - 'Copy This! How I Turned Dyslexia, ADHD, and 100 Square Feet Into a Company Called Kinko's'
(tip: our faults can pay off!)

From Chief Family Officer: Drugstore Game Tip #1: Set up a reminder for rebates
(tip: organization helps you cash in on rebates.)


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Chief Family Officer said...

Thanks so much for the link love, Sharon!