Monday, July 28, 2008

Queercents: How to Stretch Your Food Dollars

Ten tactics to stretch your food dollar! That's a new weekly series from Queercents, a personal finance blog. Topics include: "Don't Throw It Away: How to Properly Store Food So You Don't Waste Money,"
Here's a link to recent posts in the series. Written by Serena Freewomyn, the posts offers simple tips for making your food budget more flexible. Here's a preview of topics:

  • Making Your Food Dollar Stretch: Rethinking Meat
  • Amazing Grains: Getting More Bang For Your Buck
  • Eat Your Broccoli: How Nutrient Rich Veggies Can Save You Money

Queercents is a personal finance blog serving the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community. The author of the series is an expert in food. Here's her bio:

Freewomyn has a degree in Women’s Studies from Arizona State University and attends the Le Cordon Bleu’s Culinary Management Program at Scottsdale Culinary Institute. A proponent of the “buy local” lifestyle, Freewomyn writes about her love of fresh produce, “I think the movement towards decentralized food is wonderful. It’s good for the environment and it reduces the factor of increased fuel costs that are driving up food prices. But the best part is that local produce just tastes better.”

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Zombie Money said...

Good article :) My goal is $80 a month or less on food.