Tuesday, July 08, 2008

How I Failed to Land $22 Round-trip Tickets to DC

Drrr! For several hours last week, I was grounded in cyberspace as I tried to tap into super cheap tickets from Fort Lauderdale to Miami via Spirit Airlines. It was a sweet price: only $11.11 each way, with a list of restrictions and added costs.

I needed five round-trip tickets for a Frugal Duchess book signing party at Georgetown University on July 17th (6-9 p.m.) at the Alumni House at the corner of 36th & "O" Streets in Washington D.C. We're making a family trip of the event and I wanted to take my kids on a tour of GU, where I attended school from 1976-1980.

When I did the math, I figured that we could all fly on Spirit for under $200 with the special price, excluding extra fees for luggage, tax and breathing space. Ha!

No luck. My fingers were busy clicking, tapping and typing, but I was not able to land those cheap flights. The best deal I found was about $200 round-trip or just over $1,000 for all five tickets. My mother thinks that it was a bait-and-switch scenario and the $11 tickets were just a lure.

I'm not sure. I plan to call the company and get some answers. Meanwhile, the latest promo of discounts touts $48 and $24 savings off each ticket.

Here's the link and I wonder if other travelers have better luck.


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Anonymous said...

Sharon, These fares are real, but extremely limited (X number of seats on X number of flights).

Many of these fares post late Tuesday evening, early Wednesday and at other select times during the week.

If you sign up for Spirit's email fare newsletters, you'll get an idea of when they are released.

Once you know when they are "scheduled" you can sign on each week to check what's available.

By the time the general public finds them on the site, they've often been up for many hours.

Yes, it's a promo lure, but they do exist for a lucky few.

By the way, you'd save more money by checking a bunch of travel fare sites for best fares rather than wasting your precious time (which could be earning more revenue/income)on these types of sales.

FYI: I'm in the travel biz, so I know about these fares. The problem today is that more and more airlines are cutting flights, which means there are even fewer options for these types of promo fares.

Good luk

The Gatto's - Boca Chica, Dominican Republic said...

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(in which they email you great prices before others in public get them). We have found their customer service to be from null to invisible to the human realm. When you add taxes and fees and paying for luggage , they darn well better be 9 dollars. If you would like to examine other simple tactics for saving greenbacks , look at the web site mentioned up above. Tony g