Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Tip Tuesday: 50 Low-Cost Tasks To Do On Public Transportation

Buses and trains consume large chunks of my day, but I've learned to make commuting time pay by carrying out creative, practical and meditative tasks.

It's possible to get more mileage out of the day, by using commuting time to the fullest. I've studied other public transportation riders, and here are some activities I've witnessed:

  1. Plan a daily or weekly agenda

  2. Read a book

  3. Read newspapers or magazines

  4. Recycle newspapers, magazines and books (i.e. leave reading material on the seat for another rider.)

  5. Sit and stare (My favorite form of meditation.)

  6. Listen to music

  7. Work on a laptop

  8. Watch a movie or television show on a laptop or portable DVD player

  9. Write in a journal

  10. Write a short poem or fiction

  11. Play music on a guitar or violin

  12. Chew gum

  13. Sleep

  14. Work on crossword puzzles, word games or number challenges

  15. Settle an argument, emote or cry (catharsis)

  16. Check e-mail

  17. Write an e-mail

  18. Send a text message

  19. Talk loudly on a cell phone

  20. Talk quietly on a cell phone

  21. Use sign language

  22. Eat

  23. Drink coffee

  24. Play video games

  25. Apply makeup

  26. Study for an exam

  27. Proofread work assignments

  28. Do homework

  29. Pray

  30. People watch

  31. Make new friends

  32. Sight see

  33. Provide travel advice for out-of-town visitors

  34. Sell socks, jewelry, candy and other small items

  35. Purchase socks, jewelry or candy

  36. Prepare for a meeting

  37. Check travel arrangements

  38. Study fellow passengers

  39. Exercise (One passenger used an overhead bar to do chin ups.)

  40. Practise deep-breathing exercises

  41. Take a guided-mental meditation trip

  42. Read advertisements, public service announcements and other posted material

  43. Study the real estate market

  44. Take children on a frugal tour of the city or region

  45. Learn a language

  46. Practise a speech or presentation

  47. Network with other professionals

  48. Campaign for a cause, charity or political issue

  49. Give charity

  50. Plan meals for the week

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

While I appreciate the sentiment, approximately one out of five of your recommendations are either illegal or incredibly annoying to fellow passengers. I've observed people soil themselves, break dance, pick fights, vomit and form drum circles on public transportation, but they aren't activities that should be encouraged any more than doing chin ups on the bars, feeding rats with your food waste, or dusting other people with your cosmetics.