Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Frugal Mail Escort: Date Night With My Unopened Letters

This is an open letter to the unopened mail in my home.

Dear Mailbox and Letter Piles:

Yes. I am ignoring you. You’re full of it. It being: bills, checks, notices, warning letters and coupons and other junk. I am addressing our relationship because dealing with unopened mail is the fourth item on my list of 14 Declarations of Financial Independence.

Where do I begin? In general, I could talk about the different types of anxieties and avoidance issues that can prompt anyone to avoid dealing with mail. But let’s not go there right now.

Let’s be frugal with our time, and focus on solutions to the alienation that has developed between me and you—my dear unopened mail.

Can this relationship be saved? I think so.  Let’s start with a date night. How about tonight? I’ll meet you at the mailbox. Then we can move to the bar stools in my apartment. I’ll make time and space to deal with my mail problems. Plus, there could be possible bonuses. Every letter could spell financial savings and redemption.

So let’s commit to this:
·         Steady dates with the unopened mail in my life.
·         A concerted effort to locate the problem, get to the bottom of the pile and to sort through the issues.
·         A promise to open up and be accountable.

And let’s be real, and keep our options open. I want to be free to explore other mail options, including additional electronic bill-paying services.


Day 8 Lesson: I can address my anxieties. 

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